Our values

Service Prestige at your disposal

Since its foundation, Service Prestige strives to satisfy an ever more demanding clientele. Our main concern is to provide an outstanding service to our customers. To achieve this, Service Prestige is based on values shared with a staff committed to respect them:



Service Prestige prepares carefully the arrival of each of its customers. Our sales team, operators and chauffeurs listen fully to our customers in order to anticipate at best their expectations while showing proactivity and discretion.



Service Prestige delivers a particular attention to give the customer the feeling of being at home when he travels within one of our limousines. Our chauffeurs are trained to guess and to consider the preferences of the customers to assure their comfort throughout their journey.



All the values which marks the DNA of Service Prestige articulate around one fundamental pillar: the human dimension. Service Prestige makes a commitment to convey human warmth through a smile, a gesture, a word to create a sincere and nevertheless discreet relation with our customers.



All our chauffeurs are strictly selected for their presentation, their presence and their knowledge of decorum. Each of them wears irreproachable clothes, in agreement with our quality charter. It is their elegance which makes them the best ambassadors of Service Prestige.


Tailored Services

Because each person travelling in our cars is unique, Service Prestige strives to know and to pay attention to each of his customers. Personalizing the relation, surprising the customer, such are the key words which dictate our actions every day to justify an exceptional service.


Service Prestige contributes to the sustainable development through a responsible choice for its vehicles. Our chauffeurs are trained for a smooth and comfortable eco-driving.

All our chauffeurs are bound to a strict confidentiality regarding the identity of their passengers.

It is these fundamental values which allowed Service Prestige to win the trust of managers of multinational companies, show business personalities, crowned heads and heads of state.